Cristinnne - by friends.

Marius (SICA), is that guy. The guy who loves me no matter what. He literally knows EVERYTHING about me - good and bad -, he knows exactly what a horrible bitch I can be, how obsessive and how annoying and yet he's been my friend for years. I love him with all my heart and I know we're gonna be friends forever! As cheesy as it may sound.

Well basically I've known Cristina from 2005 I think...Yeah that's right, 2005, so almost 10 years now, wow...We were class mates in high school and best best best friends ever since. We share the same tastes in almost everything. 
She is just f**king great.  You just love her from the moment you meet her, but don't get on her bad side...BELIEVE me when I say, don't "step on her tail". Yes that's a warning and I'm serious. She's fun, outgoing, great dresser , sexy, but above all a VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY GOOD FRIEND. 
Once you meet her it won't be easy to forget her. 
For more information see the song Ballcrusher by W.A.S.P. I think it was written for her 
I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU, see you on the 26th in Cluj.


Bambi L'Amour, also known as Chris Hemple, is my oldest english friend. And I totally love the guy. Over my first summer in the UK we spent alot of time just chatting, and when I say alot, I mean ALOT - DAYS and NIGHTS... and this is what he came up with, two years ago, when I asked him to write something about me:

"The past erased, the future unwritten, the anxiety overwhelming
How long have you been here?
Safety Danger Can't you see?
Fear Controls Every Action.
Negative Positive Life Death
So easy
To Fanthom A Fraction Within Infinity, An Impossibility
Do you see the lock with the broken key?
Encompassing everything, total control, absolute anarchy
Never to return.                                                                                                  
A bottomless ocean
A blank canvass
Have you been with us since the beginning?
We've never met."

Ben Ward"How to describe someone who's indescribable for the most part... Cristina is someone that words don't necessarily justify, to know her is to love her, she instantly makes an impact and generally makes everyone in the room take notice of her. Kind, caring & gentle, yet determined and focused. 

To quote Billy Joel (later Fyfe Dangerfield)  ....
 ".... But she'll bring out the best
And the worst you can be
Blame it all on yourself
Cause she's always a woman to me...."

G: "I have only known her since July but I can say that I will know her for a long time to come. The quintessential city girl loves a good pampering. She dyed her hair once every week for three weeks just to get it at the right shade of blonde…I say 'she', but of course I really mean we (and by 'we' I mean her good friend Roxana lol) but high maintenance is true throughout her life and I admire her for it. She moved to London from Cluj, Romania because she decided she needed a change, this girl knows what she wants and she'll go out and get it, because that's just Cristina. Passion, she's full of it. Passionate about her home. Passionate about music, her friends. And also pizza. I kid, I kid. She is a good friend more than anything. A loyal friend. Like any good friend she will kick ass for you, mop up your tears and tell you when you're wrong. I must say she has done this a lot for me. She dragged me out of darkness when she saw me sinking. This is why I love her."