Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dare to live!

They should make up some kind of box where we can hide everything we don't want to remember about someone. All the fights, all the secrets, every memory , plan or idea should just go into this box and be lost forever.
They should make up something like a fine we would have to pay for every pain we cause someone, for every word we say without thinking and maybe, like that, we'd stop to look at the sun every now and then. Did you ever see how beautiful the sun is?! Did you ever stop to watch the clouds moving around or how they change their color? Can you just stop and stare at everything that's around you? Can you just sit there and shut up and just be? Can you make that second of happiness, you think you have, last forver? Can you feel when you hurt someone who loves you? Can you forgive?
Why sometimes when we hurt someone, instead of saying sorry we just turn our back on them pretending we don't care? How can we forget in seconds everything we promised ourselves in years!?
When I asked G to write something for my "Cristinnne - by friends" page on this blog, she said this: "...this girl knows what she wants and she'll go out and get it, because that's just Cristina."
And i keep telling my friends... Do you want it? Just go and GET IT! Do you want the memory? Take it! Do you want that happiness? Get it! Do you want all the happy moments you spent with your ex? Take them, they'll be pure pain at some point tho. I think it's better to let them forget you. Did you forget your dreams on someone elses pillow and the kiss is hidden in that box? JUST GO AND GET THEM!


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