Monday, May 07, 2012

L'avenir a une excellente memoire.

I learned to always keep a chewing gum in my bag, cause I learned how to smoke. It was very easy.

I learned to swear more often because I learned hot to get angry easily. It came by itself.

I learned to read while I'm on the train. People don't like to look at eachother anymore.

I learned to wear my glasses when my eyes are too tired. Now I feel like I'm stuck in a box.

The night has its beautiful parts. I started to forget what I remembered because I learned the time won't wait for you.

What was I saying?

I feel safe. The so very intelligent eyes and the calm smile take me somewhere else everytime. I don't know much, but feels damn good to let go! At some point I'm gonna have to thank him for that.  


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