Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chasing the memory away.

You know, if someone would ask me to choose between imortality and memory, I would pick the second one. I'd be alot happier being able to remember moments that meant something to me, instead of watching them dissapear one by one...

I used to think imortality would be the one I'd go for. Many reasons there... from that silly "I wanna know everything" - thing that describes me so well to the fear of death, of losing, of leaving.... But then I realised there are things that are worse than dying. Like losing your mind. Or the death of someone you love... or the moment when you find out that the one you love is inlove with someone else can seem worse at times.
My memory is already struggling to hold together the 20 something years of moments, what would I do if I had to remember like 5 centuries? I'd have to forget some of them, of course... Now imagine how horrible it would be if I had to choose to forget my own childhood, or my high school years or anything else for that matter...
Hmm... would I still be myself? I mean, what would define me if I had to forget things that made me the person I am? How would I be?


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