Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Fail and Do You Ever Feel Like Falling In Love?

I had a good week.
And I read this brilliant book called "He's just not that into you" and girls, I can tell you this: you'll find all your answers in this book.

I met Weeza for dinner on Saturday night. It was like seeing my sister. I did not realize how much I missed her. I spent the rest of the night out with some very good friends, danced all night with my favorite human (hahaha) and woke up to the perfect morning after (no headache!!!) only to have proper breakdown when I got to the office.

Managed to think as well, so there you go:


'Fail' is the moment X when you realize that the things happening in your own personal reality have literally NOTHING to do with what's happening in the 'real' reality.
I have this exquisite talent of putting myself in some really funny situations where the Cristina I know and love seems to be sitting next to me, watching and laughing at this other Cristina who's so far from everything I think I am.
I don't know if it's because I'm so shy sometimes or because I find it hard to talk about how and what I feel, but somewhere inside the two hemispheres of my brain, I imagine myself banging my head against a brick wall.
It only happens while talking to a few people. Usually the ones who only listen to themselves and they don't give a damn about someone else's opinion. Actually, they don't give a damn about someone else.

I keep opening my mouth to talk when it's already too late.
My free spirit and my actions before the moment X don't really go with the "take people how they are" idea => FAIL.

I'll just stop giving a f**k.

Yes! That's all I had to say!


Do you ever feel like falling in love?

"Yes" will always be the first answer that comes to everyone's mind, I'm sure.
Because being in love is actually really nice, till it goes wrong.
I don't usually trust men with my heart like that tho.
I don't.
For example, at the moment, there's one man in my life that I trust with everything, and that's because before ANYTHING else, he's my friend. And what a friend!


I still believe in that fairy tale love where people stay together and live happily ever after.
I think you shouldn't stop looking for love till those butterflies fly out of your stomach and into your veins.

I don't believe there should be any i don't know-s, we'll see-s, maybe-s when it comes to love. I believe that everything will work out if you FEEL. If there's chemistry, attraction, desire, passion and whatever else you want, it will work out.
If you don't feel, that's it, stop looking for something that's not there and move on. If the start of a love story is not easy and simple, well, you just don't like each other enough.
Too many of us end up tired and alone after fighting for something that was impossible from the very beggining. Save your heart from that.

We do live some very confusing times. We run away from lables and then we want to be in a relationship, but then we panic when the relationship is about to get serious. Pfff, that's all me, I know.

I keep getting the feeling that we can't really enjoy the time spent with someone because we're too scared that everything we do is gonna show them how much we like them... or how much we don't like them.... "what if he thinks that and what if he knows i feel this and what if, what if, what if" that's usually how it goes.

I'm an expert in digging for gold where there's none, and as you can imagine, nothing good can come out of that. So again, stop doing that to your heart!

You're not gonna die alone, don't worry!
Keep moving.


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