Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm not anyone, I'm me.

Social Behaviour also know as CHAOS.
We feel the need to label situations that shouldn't even be defined.
We take decisions based on pretty much nothing but out own personal opinion, we gain and lose interest in anything in a matter of seconds and we go where the wind blows.
We uselessly love drama, we start games and never get to the end and we have no patience.
We forget to say thank you or please, we forget to be kind and we use other people while we can.
Commitment scares us, but we don't want to be alone either.
We want everything at once or we don't want anything at all and we're disappointed when someone hurts us (even knowing we probably did the same thing to someone just days before.).
We like something, but we don't really like it at the same time.
We miss someone, but we won't tell anyone.
We're never brave enough for love.
We are available but always trying to look as unavailable as possible and we keep saying it's just part of the game.
We clearly know what we want, but we insist on building the Great Wall of China between ourselves and our dreams.
We laugh instead of telling the truth, we love the first kiss but we get bored before that second one.
We flirt, we calculate how many messages we should send, how many times we should call and we're busy instead of saying "no".
We don't get the time to have great expectations because there's always someone else waiting. Next, moving on, next, moving on - and this is pretty much how life goes after high school and that first love.


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