Tuesday, April 10, 2012

At Least

...is a way of thinking. A way to sweeten your insecurities, it's shyness and avoidance. It's dilettantism.

How do people choose? How do people choose a new coat, how do we choose a new kitchen appliance or a new computer? I suppose everyone has to take into account those factors that we all know - ie: money, "looks", utility etc. But this is usually done with the major help of a very bizzare mechanism... It comes like a strange sound that says (with no words) that all those factors matter less than finding that optimal point on a "satisfaction scale", kind of thing. "At least" will be 0. It's hard for me to look at whatever comes after.

As an example, I'm just gonna go with these...

"I'll buy a new dress. It's not the best fabric, not cheap but AT LEAST it looks good on me."
And yes, you are expecting other people to look at it like that as well.

"I'm cold but I don't want the whole blanket, just a corner to cover my shoulders. The idea that there is a blanket that covers AT LEAST my shoulders makes me feel well enough."

"I didn't manage to fix it, but AT LEAST it will work another day or two."

And I could go on forever...

Some people snooze, glue, fix, and pretend they're happy with less, just so they don't have to do something well, or actually call someone who knows what they're doing. What they don't realise is that their way of thinking affects other people, who are not happy with less than they can do or be.

I always went for "the best" no matter what, and it's imposible for me to understand anything else.


Ah, I had a good soundtrack today:


And now check out this guy! Impressive.

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