Saturday, July 28, 2012

Women are stupid.

Women have the bad habit of being too girly and the gift of falling in love with bastards. Women feel and when that happens they hide their brain and logic in their bag and they hit the road without even checking a map.

Women stubbornly listen only to the wind that blows in their souls and they always fail to see the bruised knees they get from begging at his feet.

Women are stupid and they deserve everything they get. Who asked them to fall for the wrong guy and then give everything they are to someone who doesn't even know what to do with that everything??

They're doing it all to themselves and then they complain for days about how unhappy they are. Let's face it! Women love drama!

They are humiliated, abused, ignored, cheated on, insulted and they're still gonna go back to the one who treats them like that. That's not being brave, love, that's being stupid.

Women are always trying to get their men to understand how bad they are with them. Women want to teach their men and show them how they don't deserve to be treated with arrogance and indiference.

Women usually know very well how rude and cruel is the one they cry for, but they don't give up, and this makes them even more stupid!

I wish I could say that the good thing is that women are really stupid only till they realise that things can't get any worse, that they learn from their mistakes and move on. Sadly, most of them move on to next chapter of "Stupid".

*Yes, I am a woman.
A woman who knows that falling in love means losing youself. So I stay away from all that...


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